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Camping Folding Wagon

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Camping Folding Wagon

With light pulling, the Camping Folding Wagon makes it easier to transfer large items. It works well for athletic events, gardening, family vacations, outdoor concerts, and movies, as well as any other location you choose. Additionally, you are useful for carrying equipment to sports grounds and dragging a big load of goods home from the market.



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    Product Introduction

    The Camping Folding Wagon is an excellent tool for short-distance travel, and it only takes a few seconds to assemble. Stores conveniently and folds up compactly. Items of various shapes can be accommodated by semi-closed designs. This camper wagon requires no installation, making it easy to use.

    Product Parameter


    Shelf/Bag Size






    91*46*65CM /83*40*42CM (140L)

    27*37*69CM(0.068 cbm) /1pc

    Stronger PU-coated polyester fabric 600D


    Camping, hiking, beach, garden, outdoor activities

    bigger size

    102*51*70CM /96*44*46CM(200L)

    26.5*37*74CM(0.072 cbm)/1pc

    13/12 KGS

    Feature And Application

    • All-Terrain Wheels: The folding wagon has sturdy, wide, robust wheels that measure 6.3" x 0" in thickness and width.

    • It is simple to clean by removing the wheels and bags. 

    • Long-lasting, wear-resistant substance in off-road tires.

    • Fitted with a top-notch, sturdy metal frame that can support up to 220 pounds in weight and 4.5 cubic feet of storage.

    Product Details

    Size of Camping Folding Wagon


    Removable wheels/ Reinforced base


    Application scenarios


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