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Triangle Car Rooftop Tent

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Triangle Car Rooftop Tent


Leading Triangle Car Rooftop Tent manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in China is Jusmmile. Universal Camping Accessories: You can connect this product to pickup trucks with bedspreads, SUVs, crossovers, minivans, station wagons, and Jeep Wrangler hard tops. Additionally, the tent can be utilized on its own. Camping equipment is needed for independent travel.

    Product Introduction

    Jusmmile is a leading China Triangle Car Rooftop Tent manufacturers suppliers and exporter.  Adjust Privacy, Natural Light, And Airflow With The Covered Entrance, Skylight And Three Large View Windows With Mosquito Netting, Exterior Awnings And Interior Zip-Up Closures

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    Feature And Application

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    Packaging Details: Three layers: one layer bubble bag , one meter long cardboard at the bottom, and one layer plastic bag.

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