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SUP Water Bikes

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SUP Water Bikes


Jusmmile is a top supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of SUP water bikes in China. For every lake holiday, a water bike is an absolute necessity. Our cutting-edge design is ideal for enjoying the water since it provides speed and sporting pleasure.Lakes, rivers, and seas are just a few of the waterways where our water bike is appropriate. It is ideal for any aquatic activity because of its effortless agility and classic bicycle riding stance. 

    Product Introduction

    Jusmmile is a top supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of SUP water bikes in China. The Jusmmile water bike is portable and simple to operate. It makes enjoying the water easy and is ideal for lakes, resorts, and water parks.

    Product Parameter (Specification) for SUP Water Bikes

    Model Size crew Colour Max Capacity Warranty Occasion:
    JWB-01 3.2M 1 White 130kg 2 years Ocean river lake waters

    Product Feature And Application 


    Product Details for SUP Water Bikes


    Other color:


    All our kayaks have passed CE certification!!!

    Every kayak must be inspected many times before being finished. The defect kayak can not be allowed to offer to our customer.

    Safety Information

    ● The life jacket must be worn while riding a water bike.
    ● Ensure that all components are sufficiently attached during installation. The drop rope must be hung in the mode of the portable version.
    ● Please take care of the water bike when driving and avoid excessive pedaling. Power Please make sure that the floats do not hit with sharp objects to prevent air leakage.
    ● If you want to store the water bike, you should place it in a cool, dry place to prolong the life after washing it with clean water and completely dry.

    Application scenarios


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    Together with premium quality, the best service to offer is our duty to every customer.