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Outdoor Garden Park Camping Collapsible Trolley

Camping Folding Wagon

Outdoor Garden Park Camping Collapsible Trolley

Garden Collapsible Trolley can help you simplify the transport of heavy loads through light pulling. It is suitable for family outings, gardening, outdoor concerts and movies, sporting events, or anywhere you want. And you are handy for lugging a load of groceries home from the store and hauling equipment to playing fields.


Four-Wheeled Folding Wagon

Garden Portable Trolley

Camping Hand Cart

Outdoor Multi-function Trolley

Beach Collapsible Wagon Cart

    Product Introduction

    Garden Collapsible Trolley is a good tool for short-distance transportation and is quick and easy to set up in seconds. Folds compactly and stores easily. Semi-closed designs can hold items of different shapes. No installation makes this camping wagon convenient to use.

    Say goodbye to the hassle of lugging heavy items around, as the Garden Collapsible Trolley is here to lighten your load. With its sturdy construction and ergonomic design, this trolley is perfect for transporting everything from gardening supplies to picnic essentials. Its collapsible feature makes it easy to store and transport, ensuring that you always have a convenient solution for your heavy lifting needs.

    The benefits don't stop there. This trolley is also a game-changer for everyday tasks. No more struggling with heavy grocery bags - simply load them onto the trolley and pull them home with ease. It's also perfect for transporting sports equipment to and from the playing field, saving you time and energy.

    Product Parameter


    Shelf/Bag Size






    91*46*65CM /83*40*42CM (140L)

    27*37*69CM(0.068 cbm) /1pc

    Stronger PU-coated polyester fabric 600D


    Camping, hiking, beach, garden, outdoor activities

    bigger size

    102*51*70CM /96*44*46CM(200L)

    26.5*37*74CM(0.072 cbm)/1pc

    13/12 KGS

    Feature And Application

    • Tire reinforcement design, strong compression resistance, no deformation.
    • One-button brake, suitable for a variety of terrain.       
    • Wearable off-road tires, wear-resistant material long use time.
    • Adjustable handle and easy to fold.

    Garden Collapsible Trolley


    Removable wheels/ Reinforced base


    The brake function


    More color


    Garden Collapsible Trolley