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One Side Coated Silicon Tent

Camping Tent

One Side Coated Silicon Tent


Similar to an outdoor dwelling, a one-sided silicon tent can offer an additional luxurious camping experience due to its unique qualities, in addition to protecting against wind and rain and offering a secure living space. Jusmmile has the tent you need, whether you're planning a weeklong summer vacation, a weekend excursion, or a memorable weekend escape.

    Product Introduction

    A one-side coated silicon tent is a great option for a four-season vacation, whether it's short or long. You may sleep wherever on earth, in mountains, by the sea, by a lake, in a mountain forest, in a forest, on snow-capped mountains, etc. with a one-side coated silicon tent. You can camp and feel amazing as long as you can get there.

    Product Parameter







    OPENING SIZE: 320*183*132cm

    PACKAGE SIZE: :φ19*54cm

    20D water repellent breathable cloth PU3000MM                                       Floor. 210T nylon double line plaid PU3000MM                                       

    7001 aluminum alloy

    Outdoor activities such as beach, camping, picnics, etc

    Feature And Application

    •One side coated silicon tent is a two-way door opening, one room and one hall, self-driving camping.    
    •The oversized lobby space is spacious and comfortable, and it is more convenient to put materials on both sides and open the door.
    •Three-way breathable windows: triangular air windows are provided on both sides and the tail of the external account to promote air circulation inside and outside the tent.
    •The tent poles are made of 7001 Aluminum alloy bracket. The inner tent is spacious and comfortable.

    Product Details


    Three-Way Breathable Window promotes air circulation in the One side coated silicon tent


    Double tent door/The fixed button/Double zipper


    Transparent window/Tent pole fastening buckle/Reinforce the rack sleeve


    lnstallation steps of One side coated silicon tent


    Application scenarios


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