2023-01-12 Of course you can! Know that kayaking is regardless of age, let alone season!" />

Is it possible to kayak in winter?


Of course you can! Know that kayaking is regardless of age, let alone season!
Kayaking in winter can not only strengthen the body, and enhance resistance, but also can enjoy the magnificent winter scenery.
In addition to ice boating, kayakers also developed snow-boating programs. Amazing, winter rowing can play like this!
Benefits of rowing in winter:
1. Fat burning: research by Kajimura, an associate professor and laboratory director at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), shows that people burn a lot of calories to combat the cold when spending time in a cold environment.
2. Regulate your metabolism: Kajimura's other research has also shown that when you exercise in a cold environment, some of your body's fat cells convert unhealthy ‘white’ fat into caloric, metabolically active 'beige' fat. Beige fat, on the other hand, can suppress spikes in blood sugar and even fight metabolic disorders like diabetes.
3. Relieving fatigue: a small group study in Finland found that among 36 middle-aged people, winter swimming reduced stress and fatigue and improved overall health. Researchers say exposure to cold water appears to activate the central nervous system, stimulating the circulation of hormones that improve mood and energy.

Matters needing attention in winter rowing:
Keep it dry!
1. Use familiar kayaks and equipment, or relatively wide cockpit boats
2. Use a waterproof skirt
3. Wear waterproof clothes (dry clothes\cycling rain pants\raincoat)
4. Take dry clothes with you and put them in a waterproof bag

5. Reduce weather redundancy, travel in groups, and keep vigilant.

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