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"JUSMMILE" is a professional China various outdoor products suppliers such as water sports (Fishing Reel, Kayak), snow sports, mountain sports, camping activities, etc. "JUSMMILE" has long been concerned with and practiced outdoor sports, built its own brand, shared outdoor sunshine life, and actively advocated a healthy outdoor leisure lifestyle. Supply all kinds of sports equipment, outdoor leisure and entertainment facilities and appliances using new materials, new technologies and new processes for fans of outdoor sports and activities.

Fishing reel is one of the necessary fishing gears for throwing (sea) rod fishing. It is a take-up drive which usually consists of 11 main components such as rocker, rocker arm, backstop button, main body, caster, wire wheel, wire wheel, throwing nut, hook clip, wire shell, and relief device. Fishing reel is the fishing tackle fixed in front of the throwing handle, and is the main fishing tackle that constitutes the throwing rig.

The fishing reels have 4 main advantages:
1. The fishing power is large, the throwing distance is long, and the throwing speed is fast. Easy to use, not easy to mess up and tangle. It is easy to shake, the cast does not shake, it is easy, and the fishing lines are neatly arranged.

2. It has a wide range of uses. The fishing reel is not only used in throwing fishing, it can be matched with any throwing rod, and can be configured with many different fishing rigs. It can also be configured with a hand rod, especially when fishing for big fish with a hand At the time, many fishermen like to attach a fishing reel to the hand rod to improve the load capacity of the hook line, avoid the breakage of the hook line and reduce the number of running fish, so as to achieve the purpose of more catches.

3. Adapt to a wide range. The appearance of the fishing reel made the throwing rod abandon the limitation of hand-rod fishing, which can only be fished close, but not far. The function of the fishing reel extends the length of the fishing rod and can be used for various water surfaces of different sizes. Due to the existence of the fishing reel, the throwing rig is more flexible, getting rid of the hand-rod fishing, and using the combination method of dead line, which ends the shackles of the fisherman not leaving the rod.

4. The role of the reel of the fishing line is not only reflected in the overall performance, but also in each specific function. For example, the force release device of the fishing reel can be controlled by the fisherman to obtain the maximum bearing capacity of the hook and quickly consume the physical strength of the fish on the hook, reducing the physical energy consumption of the fisherman when walking the fish, and the retractable function The pulling force acting on the hook line with the device can be released and relieved by the way of releasing the line, so as to avoid the fish breaking the hook line in an instant burst force, so as to ensure the success and reliability of the fish walking. The relief device of the fishing reel is particularly important, and this is also the main function of the fishing reel.

"JUSMMILE" Fishing reel is with stable quality, and the products are exported to North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other global markets. OEM customization can also be made according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.

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