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About Jusmmile

1. About Jusmmile

Ningbo Jusmmile Outdoor Gear Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in water sports, snow sports, mountain sports, camping activities and other outdoor products. Provide a variety of new materials, new technologies, and new craft products and services for the majority of outdoor sports enthusiasts, provide vehicle rack solutions, and sports equipment transportation solutions, enrich outdoor leisure and entertainment facilities, appliances, etc. 

JUSMMILE focuses on new product development and design, dedicated to personalized service, continuous innovation, and continues to provide global customers with high-quality products and enjoy the health and joy of sports!

 "JUSMMILE" has long been concerned with and practiced outdoor sports, built its own brand, shared outdoor sunshine life, and actively advocated a healthy outdoor leisure lifestyle.

A corner of the kayak production workshop

2. Our Products

Water sports: Kayaks, Canoes, Surfboard, Paddleboards, Kayak Racks, Surfboard Racks, Canoe Racks, Fishing Racks, Kayak Trailer, Backrest, Life Jacket, Paddle Rope, Boat Bag, Foot Air Pump, etc.

Snows ports: Skis & Snowboards, Rooftop Ski Racks, Hitch Ski Racks

Mountain sports: All bikes mounted roof or rear, Hitch Bike Racks, Rooftop Bike Racks, Bike Parking Racks, Bike Rack Accessories 

Camping activities: Tent Series, Portable camping kitchens, Camping tableware, outdoor barbecue, sports kettle, etc.

3. Our advantages

1. The products strictly meet the industry standards of the European and American markets;

2. Stable quality, and the repeat order of old customers is as high as 95%;

3. According to the drawings or samples provided by customer, OEM customization can be made in full accordance with the requirements;

4. Our service

24 Hours client service in time; 1 year warranty; Design service;

5. Market

North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Worldwide

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