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Outdoor sports wear


1. Clothing

1) Jackets (essential for outdoor activities, windproof, waterproof, breathable, wear-resistant...); 2) Fleece jacket (including WINDSTOPPER, mainly windproof and warm);

3) Sweat-wicking underwear (to keep the body dry after outdoor sports);

4)Quick-drying pants (necessary for travel in summer, preferably detachable trousers and sleeves);

5) Down jackets (necessary to keep warm when traveling in winter or going to the plateau);

6) Other personal clothing (disposable panties, singlets, T-shirts...)


2. Shoes and socks

1) Hiking shoes (adaptable, wear-resistant, waterproof, preferably medium and high-top, can protect the ankle);

2) Lightweight sports shoes (suitable for general outings, or when driving);

3) Sports sandals (can be worn as slippers, and can also be worn directly on foot in summer);

4) Sweat-wicking socks (to wick away sweat and prevent frostbite in winter);

5) Ordinary sports socks (cotton, comfortable to wear);
6) Snow cover (useful in snow or mud)


3. Hat

Contrasting color combinations are the key to fashion. When the color difference between the hat and the clothes is large, it may appear short. The hat is the same color as the clothes, giving a slender impression. The color of the hat depends on the correction of the complexion. The yellowish complexion is not suitable for yellow-green tones. You can choose gray powder and other colors. People with black or white skin tones have more room for color choices.

People with ruddy complexion choose a wide range of colors for sun hats, which can coordinate with many colors. People with gray skin are suitable for intermediate colors with low purity, such as jade white, stone green, light blue, brown, lavender, etc., do not choose too gorgeous colors.

For people with white skin, hats are suitable for many colors, but because white skin is easy to give people a feeling of weakness, when choosing hats, you should avoid choosing white or close to white colors. Dark-skinned people should pay attention to the overall effect of the clothing when choosing brightly colored hats.

People with yellow skin should not wear yellow or green hats, but if you combine dark brown, purple lotus, crab green, rice gray and other color hats with clothing properly, you can also achieve better results.

In the impression of most people, pure cotton is a comfortable material, but it is rarely used in outdoor hats.

Pure cotton has good hygroscopic ability. Cotton is often not easy to dry after wet water. In addition, it has a large heat absorption performance, which makes the wearer double the heat and wetness in hot summer, and it becomes a pain to be outdoors. Improper selection can often have the opposite effect.


There are egg-shaped, fat-shaped, square-shaped and Chinese-shaped faces. People with fat faces will show a big face if they wear a round cap, and the hat will be small. It is more appropriate to choose a wide peaked cap. People with egg-shaped faces wear a peaked cap, which makes their faces look bigger and thinner, and even thinner. It is more appropriate to choose a dome cap.

Round face: The face looks less plump and can be fitted with a longer crown and an asymmetrical brim, which can increase the length of the face and look three-dimensional.

Triangular face: Since the chin is relatively pointed, a high crown or a short and asymmetrical brim is very suitable, making people ignore the pointed chin.

It is relatively easy for people with square face and Chinese face to choose a sun hat. Square face: A prominent crown and irregular hem softens a square face. Long face: Since the curvature of the face is relatively narrow, a moderate crown is particularly important, and the brim should not be too narrow.


4. Gloves

Thin gloves (mainly for the convenience of activities, such as taking pictures, etc.); thick gloves (mainly for keeping warm).


5. Glasses

For outdoor sports with strong sunlight such as beach, skiing, mountain climbing, etc., sunglasses should have anti-ultraviolet function.

Many sports have specialized sunglasses. For those who love golf and tennis, the 25% light transmittance is specially designed for low reflective lawns. Amber lenses increase contrast and absorb blue light, contributing to visual comfort during exercise.

For sunbathing or skiing, choose red lenses. Those who swim outdoors are advised to wear swimming goggles that have been treated with UV protection. The mirror surface of professional ski goggles is made of colored materials coated with anti-fog and anti-ultraviolet coatings. When twisted, it only deforms without breaking, avoiding damage to people's faces.