Outdoor camping - about building a camp


1. Level the site

Clean the tent area that has been selected, remove any uneven, thorny, pointed objects such as stone blocks, low irrigation, etc., and the uneven places can be filled with materials such as water or grass. If it is a sloping land, as long as the slope is not more than 10 degrees, it can generally be used as a campsite.

2. Site zoning

A complete camp should be divided into a tent camping area, fire area, dining area, entertainment area, water area (washing area), sanitary area, and other areas.

The first thing is to first determine the campsite. The fire area should be downwind, and the distance from the tent area should be more than 10-15 meters to prevent the fire from burning the tent. The dining area should be near the fire area for cooking and dining. The activity and entertainment area should be downwind of the dining area to prevent dust from activities contaminating tableware and other objects and should be 15-20 meters away from the tent area to reduce the impact on early bed companions. The sanitation area should be downwind of the camping area, keeping a certain distance from the dining area and activity area. The water area should be divided into upper and lower sections on the stream and its river, the upper section is the drinking water area, and the lower section is the living water area.



Construction of tent camping area: If there is a tent camp area composed of several tents when arranging tents, you should pay attention to 1. all tents should be oriented in the same direction, that is, the tent doors should be opened in one direction and arranged side by side. 2. There should be a distance of not less than 1 meter between tents, if not necessary, try not to tie the tent's wind-resistant rope to avoid tripping people.. 3. if necessary, a cordon (ditch) should be set up. If you sleep in the wild, you may encounter attacks by threatening animals or bad people. Of course, this possibility is very small. You can draw a circle around the tent area with irritating substances such as ash and tar outside the tent area to prevent the intrusion of reptiles such as snakes. Or use electronic alarm systems and other methods.


Build a fire-fighting dining area: The dining area is usually in the same area as the fire-fighting area or a similar place. This area should be at a certain distance from the tent area to prevent the fire from burning the tent. The best place to cook is a place with ridges and ridges so that the stove can be dug and built, and the collected firewood should be stacked outside the area or upwind. In the dining area, it is best to have a piece of grass where everyone sits around. The "table" can be a large square or just on the ground. The "dining chair" is also best to use stone blocks, or sit on the floor. Since the ground is harmful to the human body, you can use your own sleeping pad or air pillow instead. of plastic sheeting. Most of the meal time is already dark, and the location of the lighting should be considered. Whether it is a gas lamp or other lighting, the lamp should be placed in a position that can illuminate a large area, such as hanging the lamp from a tree or placing it on a stone. Place it on the table or make a light stand to hang it.


Construction of water intake area: water and water intake are generally located at the water source, and toilet water and food water should be separated. . In the case of lake water, the place should also be separated, and the distance between the two places of water should be more than 10 meters. This division is for hygienic needs. In addition, the river beach area that water needs to pass through has a lot of debris and water, and there are no small roads to find. Therefore, you should pay attention to cleaning it up during the daytime, otherwise, it will be inconvenient to fetch water at night.

Build a sanitation area: A sanitation area is a convenient place for team members to relax. If you only stay for one night, you don't need to dig a ditch. You can designate the positions of men and women. If the number of team members is large or the stay is for more than two days, a ditch should be dug and built, and the temporary toilet should be built in a place with dense trees, so there is no need to pull the curtain. Also, be careful not to build in a place where pedestrians often pass by. If there are many streams nearby, the toilet can be built on the stream, and there are two large pieces of wood on top of the stream. It must be built smoothly and has a sense of security. Everyone can pee on it and put the poop directly on it. Discharged into the stream, it will pollute the river without delay, and a small number of feces will be decomposed by the organisms in the river or purified naturally. If a sanitation area has been built, everyone's defecation should be carried out in the built sanitation area, and should not be full of excretion, which will be bad for the scenery.

Build an entertainment area: The entertainment area can be located in the dining area, and it can be cleaned up after eating. If the site is large, a separate piece of land can be demarcated, as long as the site is flat, and the site is prone to stumbles and bumps (dwarf trees). There should be a few things, so general cleaning should be carried out, and a protective rope should be pulled in a delimited circle when playing some games to avoid accidental accidents.