What do I need check before renting a kayak


Many people start kayaking for the first time from a friend or a kayak rental company before you own a kayak. Most rental shops and outfitters are honest and qualified, but never give your safety 100% to someone else. So you need to check carefully when you get your rental kayak, refer to the following points, so as not to be damaged by discovering problems after your trip has started.


  •  Inspect the kayak hull and sides for dents, scratches or gouges. Scratches and minor dents on a kayak are normal, but gouges or major dents can affect the seaworthiness and functionality of the kayak.
  •  Make sure that the internal outfitting is in good working order and not damaged.
  •  If applicable, test the rudder board or rudder to make sure the cables and all parts are working properly.
  •  Make sure your skirt has no holes or cracks and that the grab ring is intact.
  •  If your kayak has hatches, check that they open and close properly.
  •  Check that the deck rigging is in place, especially if you're going on a long trip and want a map attached and in front of you while paddling.
  •  Read your agency's rental policy carefully so you know what to expect if equipment is damaged or lost. For your own safety, ask about age and weight restrictions and other restrictions. Late return penalties can vary, so it's worth knowing how much you'll be charged if applicable.
  •  Finally, make sure you have a PFD, either your own or with one that you rent from a kayak rental store.