What equipment is needed of canoe sports?


Canoeing is currently a trendy water sport, it is stimulating and challenging to feel the love of enthusiastic young people, and some enthusiasts are even crazier about it. Canoeing both regulates emotions in sports and exercises our bodies, and it is more popular with young people than traditional exercise modes.

Of course, if you want to experience the sport of canoeing, it is very necessary to choose a suitable canoe to add fun to the activity. Hard hats are a must, the human head is a vulnerable part, and the canoe has a high-risk factor, when the boat overturns, it is very dangerous to hit the hard object. Nose clips are dispensable, when people pour water from head to toe posture, water will pour into the nostrils, which is very unaccustomed for many people, so this equipment can be worn or not.


Life jackets are also necessary, even if you can swim very well, you can’t stop the power of nature, then do not be careless, to choosing a good life jacket. Oars are a must, want to row and canoeing, how can you without thetools? The material of theoars is also selective, and its structure is also different, depending on their preferences and usage habits.

Other equipment items such as winter jackets, pants, waterproof skirts, or non-slip shoes are dispensable equipment props, and the specific use depends on their own needs.

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