Tips to keep canoeing safe


In the past, the canoe was mostly a noun meaning, referring to a small boat. But now, the canoe has become a fashion trend in water sports in the eyes of young people, and for many young lovers sought after. Canoeing is extremely exciting and suitable for challenging people to try. If you want to master the skills of canoe rafting, it is necessary to practice more, and you should also pay attention to the following safety issues:

1. Do not row alone, it is best to find someone to accompany you, and you can get help in time after the accident.

2. The weather is rapidly changing, so do not paddle too far away from the coast, so that any changes can be ashore in time.

3. Bring a map with rocks and sea marks so you won't get lost in the row.

4. Do not paddle near the course of the ship, which is prone to collision accidents.

5. Canoes should be paddled in the dark with headlamps.

6. It is necessary to have some energy food and fresh water on the ship to replenish energy and survive accidents.


Of course, safety should pay attention to more than these only after practice will one have more experiences. Novices are best guided and accompanied by a special person, and canoeing is not allowed near the unknown coast. For the sake of safety, you should move within a safe range, and do not disregard your safety for the sake of stimulation.