Australia Queensland Surfing Mecca


Australia Queensland Surfing Mecca

Queensland, Australia has long been the mecca of world-class surfing champions, and if you're looking for world-class surfing spots, then you can't go wrong with exploring the Queensland coastline.

Of course, for those who want to start learning to surf, there are plenty of surf lessons on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast that allow you to get up and run on a surfboard for 1-2 hours.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned surfer, here are some of the most famous surf spots in Queensland!


Moreton Island

Moreton Island is the third-largest sand island in the world after North Stradbroke Island, about 70 minutes by boat from Brisbane. There will be big waves for surfing on both the north and south sides and avoid the windy weather. This is another perfect surfing spot.

This is a place where you can get close to nature and listen to your own heart. You can surf, sandboard, explore wrecks, and dive; you can also watch whales, feed dolphins, swim with turtles; or walk on the beach and enjoy the sunrise and sunset quietly. There are not many tourist visitors here, and every inch of the land exudes pure natural light.

Great Barrier Reef

The Queensland coastline has several great surfing spots. Of course, if you have an adventurous spirit and a boat, you can also sail into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef in search of waves. However, it should be reminded that surfing on the Great Barrier Reef is not suitable for beginners who want to ride the wind and waves in the shallow reef area, and it is more suitable for true surfing adventurers.

Kirra Beach

On the Gold Coast, Kira Beach is a big part of Queensland's many surf spots. It is considered one of the best right-handed surfing spots in the world. When the conditions are ripe and the strength of the wave and the terrain conditions are sufficient, a tube-shaped wave will be formed. If the space of the tube is large enough, surfers can surf in this space, which is the "tube wave" that surfers flock to.

If you're tired after a few hard moves, there's also the Kira Surf Apartments near Kira Beach, just a short walk away. If you prefer to sleep in a tent and listen to the ebb and flow, you can also pitch a tent at Kira Beach Tourist Park and have a leisurely and comfortable time.


Burleigh heads

Poly Terrace on the Gold Coast is world-renowned for its superb surfing conditions. The high-quality wind and waves from the distant seas and the unique wave-shaped waves here attract many professional players worldwide.

In addition to the excitement on the top of the waves, there is a casual beach atmosphere everywhere, with open-air restaurants and bars. On the endless beach, overlooking the high-rise buildings of Surfers Paradise, every second here exudes a relaxed charm.

Snapper Rocks

Snapper Rock is located on the Gold Coast and is one of the many famous surfing beaches here. In addition to its unique coastline and perfect waves, the legendary "Super Sand Bar" wave is also what makes Snapper Rock world famous.

Because of the terrain, climate, and other reasons, the turbulent waves can stay here for a long time, so it has become a very popular surfing spot, and countless surfers often come here to practice surfing. At the same time, Snapper Rock is also the only host place for the annual professional surfing competition, and it is a very enthusiastic challenge location for competition-level players from all over the world.


Located on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast, Noosa is home to the famous Noosa National Park. Here, you can not only surf, hike, and swim, but are also accompanied by stunning beach views. Especially on the headland known as the "Devil kitchen", the waves crashing against the rock walls, causing thousands of waves from time to time, are very beautiful.

Every March, the annual Noosa Festival of Surfing is held here, and the surf festival attracts many excellent surfers from all over the world. Of course, in addition to surfing, you can also experience stand-up paddling, barbecue, camping, seaside yoga, etc.

Double Island Point

We have to mention the Twin Isles, also located on the Sunshine Coast when it comes to surfing spots. Soft sands and turquoise waters combined with its unique terrain and high-quality waves make it a popular practice spot for surfers.

The water quality of Double Island Cape is very clear, and you can often encounter marine life when swimming in the water, so it was also selected as one of the top ten diving spots in Australia. Once ashore, you can take a four-wheel drive to explore the natural scenery on the shore, or you can camp in designated areas of the beach.

North Stradbroke Island

If you love surfing and nature, then North Stradbroke Island, the second-largest sand island in the world, is a must-see! As a sand island, it can avoid the turbidity of seawater caused by high-intensity rainfall, and has crystal clear high-quality water most of the year. Every year, from late November to early December, the Australian Youth Surfing Championship is held here.


Take a 45-minute cruise from Brisbane to this fine sandy resort. Most of the scenery here is without human intervention, and cute pets such as wild wallabies and Ding dogs can be seen everywhere on the island. In addition to surfing, you can also drive a four-wheel drive, gallop on the endless sandy beach, and race against the waves. After playing enough, have a barbecue around the campfire, bring your equipment to camp here, listen to the sound of the sea and look up at the stars.


The next refreshing summer in the southern hemisphere, come to Queensland and enjoy the surfing addiction!