What basics should a beginner surfer know?


1. Beware of undercurrents

If you find yourself in a rip current that is pulling people out, calmly swim sideways. Being good at swimming does not mean knowing the sea. If you don’t have a float, please do not exceed your waist height when you go to the beach. Even if you have a surfboard, if the waves are bigger than your usual surf, please go into the water together and not too far away from your companions. Please don’t force it when you are not mentally and physically fit.


2. Know how to catch waves

Face your surfboard vertically to the beach. When the waves just reach you, paddle quickly and jump on your surfboard with the correct posture. Follow the physical action of the waves to glide in the direction of the waves. Based on learning to stand firm, practice the basic movements of catching waves.

3. Know how to ride waves

For beginners, using a longboard to cross the waves is difficult and consumes physical strength, so in the process of waterskiing in the wave area, if you encounter the front of the waves, the correct way is to tilt the front of the board and lift it. At the same time, paddle over the waves with both hands, remember to cooperate with the paddling according to the rules of the waves, and not to use brute force to fight against them.