2022-07-21 With the development of communication technology, mobile phones have become one of the most important equipment for outdoor activities." />

Ten Essential safety gears in your camping plan


With the development of communication technology, mobile phones have become one of the most important equipment for outdoor activities. It can communicate, query information online, and also have a map, compass, GPS positioning functions, and even play the role of the whistle, flashlight, and radio. However, the outdoor environment is complex, and the mobile phone will be useless when encountering network blind spots.


So, the following 10 traditional safety equipments are absolutely important

While they don't necessarily need to be fully equipped in every situation, it's still good for everyone to know more.


01. Whistle

An essential SOS tool that is both lightweight and reliable. When the whistle blows, it can be heard within a kilometer or two nearby, no matter day or night, it is a good help tool, the purpose is to attract the attention of others.

The way to use the whistle is to blow six times in one minute with obvious intervals when calling for help. After blowing for one minute, pause for one minute to see if there is a response; if you hear someonecalling forhelp and want to respond, you canblow three times in a minute, andthen search for the trouble spot.

02. Reflector

Like the whistle, it also attracts attention when calling for help, but its function is slightly inferior to that of the whistle, and there is no unified signal. The advantage is that the signal can be seen whether or not you are carrying the sound source.


When the mobile phone has no signal, the radio can play a role. It can receive information from the outside world at the first time, such as weather conditions and changes so that everyone can make corresponding changes as soon as possible.

04. Emergency food

Mainly high-calorie, such as chocolate, peanut candy, glucose, etc., can supplement heat in critical situations to maintain physical function.

05. Back-up food

Some people call it pocket food or road meal.The main role is to cope with the delay, can’treach the destination on time, or in the case of emergencies can’t make a fire, food with biscuits and so on to fill the hunger.


06. First aid kit

To deal with team members' injuries, pay attention to regular inspections and replacement of expired medicines.

07. First aid blanket

Use as a wrap for severe hypothermia to prevent hypothermia. The color of the emergency blanket should be bright and prominent so that rescuers can easily find it.

08.SOS book

When an accident occurs, the SOSbookis used to record the informationabout the accident and should be placed in the first aid kit.

09. Climbing rope

It is not designed for salvation, and the rescue work must have professional knowledge and training. This climbing rope is used to support the team members and enhance the team members' confidence on rough mountain roads or slopes. The climbing rope is generally 30 meters long, 8 to 8.5 mm thick, and has safety certification.

10.Communication equipment

Generally refers to the walkie-talkie, used for communication within the team. Of course, mobile phones can also do this, but walkie-talkies are more reliable.